Review – Mad Max: Fury Road

Romping on to the big screen in a blaze of petrol-soaked ferocity is this riotous reboot of a cult eighties classic.

A feminist triumph it is not – scantily clad supermodels hosing each other down in the desert is hardly progressive – but Charlize Theron’s fierce, one-armed Furiosa is more than a match for Tom Hardy’s Max as she races to reach her ‘green place’ with escaped sex slaves in tow. Both are terrific in what is essentially a two hour long car chase interspersed by earth-shattering explosions, apocalyptic sandstorms and even a botched child-birth.

It’s high-octane screen-action at its finest, and will leave viewers feeling like they’ve paid to see a monster truck rally in Texas rather than a critically-acclaimed awards flick. What’s doubtful though, is if it’s anything more.


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