Review – Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Arnie’s back (again) as the T-850 murder-bot in this tedious third instalment of lorry-flipping, cop-wasting, post-apocalyptic Armageddon – and that’s just the first 40 minutes.

Starring as a reprogrammed Terminator sent back in time by the resistance to protect a now-adult John Connor (Nick Stahl), Schwarzennegger is up against the superior-in-every-way T-X (Kristianna Loken), also zapped into the present with the opposite intention of smearing Connor’s face across the pavement; all because he’s destined to do something important in a future that hasn’t happened yet. Or has it? Anyhow, it all makes for a very confused plot, and lots of in-film explaining. Lots.

T3’s saving grace is, like most of Arnie’s pictures, its leading light. Belying his 54-years, the tank-like Austrian majorly upgrades any scene he lays his piercing red-eyes on, no matter how lifeless the script. So despite the lack of classic one-liners that litter the rest of the franchise, we’re glad to have the Governator back, but isn’t it time he too, was terminated?


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